Castle Bluff


Castle Bluff

Newton County - Arkansas

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Castle Bluff is a unique property located in the heart of the Ozark mountains.   The “camp” as we affectionately call it, consists of 80 acres atop a ridge.  The camp overlooks the Thomas Creek Valley and 610-acre Camp Jabali, our sister camp, plus thousands of acres of Ozark National Forest. Our bluff-top view is one of the most captivating in all the Ozarks.  

At the center of Castle Bluff’s existence has always been Jesus.  We consider this property Holy ground.   We believe the Castle Bluff environment allows people to disconnect from the chaos of their daily lives and hopefully find some inspiration and renewal. 

The purpose of Castle Bluff is to create an environment filled with adventure, to enable people to connect their stories with Jesus’ story, and to live from a redeemed heart.  It is a place where people, young and old, encounter Jesus and learn to live free.

  • Stewardship

  • Affordable

  • Fun

  • Creativity

  • Inclusiveness

  • Prayer

  • Authenticity

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